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Business Transformation Experts



Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting

ADS BI & Analytics team helps organizations bringing valuable business intelligence to customer data, set up self-service models and lay a path to advanced analytics (predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, ML, AI).

Functional and technical skills

  • Team with more than 30 BI specialists

  • Functional areas: Finance, Controlling, Sales and Distribution, Production, Procurement, HR, etc.

  • Products: SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BI, QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau and Power BI

Our consulting services include

  • End-to-end Analytics development using latest BI technologies

  • Data warehousing and data modeling
  • Dashboard design, data visualization and storytelling

  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Creation of BI and Analytics roadmaps and blueprints
  • BI support help desks and system monitoring

ADS BI Methodology: Objective Driven and Agile implementation
Dashboards designed with Design Thinking approach

(useful, valuable, intuitive, pleasant and great user experience)

Our Differentiation


  • Technology architecture

  • Modeling 

  • Data discovery, institutional reporting and self service solutions

  • Visualizations 

  • Analytics

  • Planning for Budget and forecasting


What happened

  • Standard Reports

  • Query / Drill Down

  • Ad-hoc reports 


Why it happened

  • Diagnostic

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Visualization


What could happen

  • Forecasting

  • Probabilities


What we should do

  • Optimization

  • Real–time decision making 

ADS BI Methodology: Objective Driven & Agile

ADS Helps organizations in their BI Journey


Profitability Dashboard

  • Visualization best practices

  • Dashboarding best practices

  • QlikView

  • SAP Connector 

  • SAP BW


The objective was to optimize operating profit by supporting decision making of commercial margins in the cement business.

  1. Provide insights of Commercial data 

  2. Information on margins presented by the tool in many ways: by product, client, region, or channel

  3. Show a price waterfall breakdown in order to identify areas of where business is gaining or losing value


  • QlikView dashboarding, SAP connector to extract data from SAP BW

  • SAP BW modeling


  • ADS Professionals as part of the implementation team, developed a QlikView dashboard. Project conducted in 6 months, initially 2 countries as pilot and rolled-out to 500 users in 9 countries, training provided combining theory and real business exercises using the tool.


  • Sales process improvements. Sales teams has a reliable and user-friendly tool that assist decisions focusing in profitable businesses

  • Contribution to the operating profit for more than 9 Mio USD after one year of usage

Consolidated Financial Review

  • Visualization best practices

  • Dashboarding best practices

  • Power BI

  • SAP BPC 

  • SAP BW


The objective was to manage financial results by having single point of access and visualization of extended content of SAP BW and SAP BPC.

  1. Provide insights of Financial data. Showing actuals, budget and forecast

  2. Data available at country, region, segment, or profit center

  3. Show a Financial Performance Indicators in order to manage company targets aligned


  • Power BI with SAP BW connectivity



  • ADS Professionals as part of the implementation team, developed a PowerBI dashboard. Agile methodology used providing the first dashboard in one month, the connectivity with SAP BW and BPC delivered in 3 months.



  • Guided data analysis (tables, trends, drill down and filtering capabilities)

  • Single point of truth, the alignment of the different levels is critical to ensure efficiency and eliminate redundancies.

Business Transformation Experts


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